Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lowell Hubbs Responds to Costner

A picture of evil. Corrupt Denial and Selective Ignorance

This man above is Costner Matthews. The Argus Leader, Voices letters section character name he hides under is Costner. He hides his real identity under a character name, refusing to identify who he really is, and what he is connected to that possesses him to relentlessly together with the character name SugarDealer, attack the real truth about modern medicine and vaccines that Lowell Hubbs has put forth. His posting in the blog linked to below, mirrors exactly the same style and wording of his earlier posts on the Argus. His knowledge of what he makes claims to, clearly as well gives it away that it is him. Two 300 post letters and they could not shut down character name TruthStorm; the author of this blog. A battle of wills. Costner claimed to have all the science but it was proven time after time that he had nothing. Through his delusions and endless denial coming right back on and making the same false claims to the same exact misinformation he had repeatedly put forth before. He was repeatedly made a fool of; but in his irrational mind he believes his mission was accomplished because he believes all the mislead people out there will buy into his foolish rants;  just because it mirrors the same false claims that pharma and the CDC claim to. You can see that in his blog  he has since created; it has allowed him to continue the same shameful rants unabated. In his relentless attacks, he could not ever refute nor even honestly address any of the information. It is a fact that embarrasses him, and that it came from a common ordinary citizen without a medical degree. Anyone can learn the common sense truth; you just have to look for it. People just like him such as Seven57 and Isaiahsdad, using the same systematic smoke screens leading similar attacks, are all nothing more than the damage control sheeple that went before him on the Argus. All they can ever do is falsely attack the messenger, as well as falsely any sources of information. It does not matter if those sources are some of the most highly qualified doctors you could find. It is all about protecting the medical allopathic system of lies and misinformation that we have been fed for the past nearly 100 years. If you have the honesty and a continued willingness to keep learning, let me prove it to you, and that there is a much better way, and that there always was.

This man wants you to remain clueless as to the truth about modern medicine, and its true history, and how it became that way. He wants you to remain clueless about the harm of multiple vaccinations in children, and the harm of prescription drugs, of which some very few can be beneficial, the majority of them today are being sold to you even bombarded to the public in their selling sickness billion dollar scheme on your living room TV. The science in these said drug approvals is just not there; more harm than good, just like all vaccines. This man wants you to continue to believe that vaccines wiped out diseases, and that they have safely worked and been effective for decades. Nothing of the sort is truth. At the very least he does not believe you have the right to consider all the information. He believes you have only the right to the pharma journal and CDC information, and claims all else is quackery. He creates blogs like this one below attacking me personally but has no substance nor actual refute of the information I put forth; which is all he has ever done. In this blog you can see it is he who is actually mentally unstable by just the nature of his wildly delusional rants on someone he has never met. He makes twisted claims and accusations he has no real clue about.

Obviously he (Costner) is very angry about the showing I made on him. Look at the denial he makes of that, still falsely claiming he has all the medical and vaccine science. No person in his right mind would post and create such garbage; much less someone with a professional message concerning the facts and the science. In this blog he claims it is I that can not conduct an adult debate; nothing could be further from the truth; and it is clearly him. But then if you never witnessed his posting, you really wouldn't know how unreasonably biased, twisted and delusion his repeat rants have always been. Nothing is enough. Repeat denial of factual information, and refusal to accept fact.  A person could ask, what is he protecting with all that lying motivation? With as much as he has been shown, there would be no excuse for remaining a mislead sheeple? His mission in all reality is to conduct multiple relentless attacks in the attempt to silence the real TRUTH!

Judge for yourself.

This is the truth information he attacks.


“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”  - Adolph Hitler

Just ask Costner a question and watch him go straight to Orac and Quackwatch for the right sheeple answer.

I haven't had the time but I will eventually make a few responses here to each and every blog page he (Costner) has made. Believe me the garbage this man has blog posted, is nothing more than that. This man hides under only a character name while attacking someone with full identity; and with the false claims that he has here in the blog linked to. You really can not get more asinine than that! Truth comes right out in the sunlight with nothing to hide, while lies and deception hide in the dark.

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