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Response to: Quack Of The day: "Dr." Andrew Moulden

This lying and misinformation blog link is found here.

And you say he is a Certified 100% Fraud; well I couldn't think up a better description of what your blog contains, than 100% false propaganda, lying deception, and fraud. Nothing is ever enough.

I have sat through Dr. Andrew Moulden's seminar, as well as examined all of his information, and if you actually believe 5000 images of vaccine damaged children and adults were done, by taking photographs while they were purposefully crossing their eyes or making a funny face; you are as lying and delusional as it gets! You viewed that site when it was up, and I refered you to it multiple times, and now that it is no longer there, it is a perfect opportunity to lie about it. So, you are mocking the vaccine damage and the ruined lives of all those infants, children, teens, and adults; to include the Gardasil damaged girls! What do you think injecting all that aluminum into the body does when it gets into the blood stream? Over 600 mcg., in the three Gardasil shots. Why do you think water treatment plants use aluminum to get contaminants to settle to the bottom? It causes blood sludging in humans, and thus ischemia and hyoxia. Do some research on that! That would easily be seen with darkfield blood microscopy; but what did the FDA do; they banned it from human use in diagnosis and evaluation of any and all conditions.


And what was he selling? An alkaline water formulation to prevent and correct the blood sludging. And what did pharma have...nothing! They didn't even know the problems was there, and they caused it!

Ischemia/ Hypoxia

It is quite simple actually, and you should know it. Due to what is in the ingredients in vaccines, it can cause the blood to thicken and sludge; thus the fine end blood vessels in the brain can become starved of oxygen, causing what is known as small ischemic strokes. These are not unlike strokes in elderly adults. they take on the same form, onlu most often to a far lessor degree. You see the eyes affected, by not being straight, one or the other eye being turn slightly or even majorly turned in or out. When the eyes turn, there may be one that rotates in a semi circlular motion, and one does not. This is all cause by the lack of oxygen and blood flow causing lesions on one or more of the cranial nerves. This affects the bilateral fold in one side of the face, and the corner of mouth being uneven, just as it does in major stoke victims that are elderly.

Some may ask, why wouldnt it be seen on an MRI, it was seen, they just didn't know what they were visualizing. The healing was seen as well, showing white puffs, due to blood vessels attempting to regrow into the area of the brain affected. the self healing body. But that was only seen in those without further vaccinations. In those recieving further vaccinations, the progression of the problem ws often clearly evident. In the end there was total disability, and obviously severe impairment. The pictures captured this. And you have seen me reference to many articles and videos on this issue which were put forth by Andrew Moulden.

Quite obviously his site is no longer there, and replaced with all CDC propganda information. Interestingly, you refered to that in one of your blogs, that-that is exactly how a site would be DNS attacked and replaced? I have heard two stories on what happened to Andrew, and noone seems to know for sure. The one that came from him, appears to be that he did have the powers that be go after him, but it was not the legal and way you seem to claim it was. And it was not because it was misinformation. At any rate, knowing him as I do, he would never have replaced his site with CDC information, not willingly.

Why do you not think Moulden's work was never refuted by any profession in his brain science field? Many doctors looked at that including those in pediatric neurology, and were just stunned. You can not have the exact brain science, from within his own field, irrefutable, along with the proof images he had, and claim that is quackery. But of course you claim anything that even suggests harm from vaccines, is all quackery. Who's the QUACK?

Dr. Moulden's intent was to study several areas of brain science and later become a professional in an area that could help brain injured victims. A pretty noble cause. As he went  on with that mission, he came to learn of all the additional issues that were just plain wrong in modern medicine; much like I have been on a mission of doing and putting forward myself. When it came to doing a residency, and by that time, he wanted no part of being in any field that prescribed pharmacuetical drugs. Your statement that he took 8 years to try and complete a residency, that only qualified for 3 years, is total bullshit. Where and how can you verify that crap. Dr. Moulden is a brilliant man, and was in the top of his class. All you have done is throw mud at a man that could have had it all, if he had allowed himself to practice in a field that he knew very well, did not have it right; doing more harm than good. How do you practice physiological medicine in any field, that you know is NOT doing all that it can? In all you were shown, you know that; yet you continue to lie. This man could have done so much good, if he had been allowed to.

This issue was already addressed in this blog, and there were provided some videos on the page right here, and you know that. Nothing is enough, because you simply refuse to face the facts.

It is obvious that Dr. Moulden was not the first person to discover the issue of microvascular mini strokes, as evidenced by this bit of information. This information fully backs the entire concept and proof of that issue being very real.

Partial third nerve palsy after Measles Mumps.
Rubella vaccination

Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines


For the past several years I have devoted myself to deciphering the neurobehavioral sequel associated with immune system hyper stimulation, neurodevelopmental disorders, and ultimately to vaccinations as the common environmental trigger for several brain and behavioral disorders I have studied since the undergraduate degree.

My work will be submitted for peer review in the upcoming several months. For now, peer review is available in the Tolerance Lost DVD series as I have translated the medical sciences into an information and presentation style that can be understood by the public at large, as well as the vaccine injury court special masters. Examples of the evidence of harm, I have cataloged in a ’see for yourself’ format.

8.) What has the response been to your discoveries? How have they been received by the public / the world at large?

The public gets it. The chiropractors embrace it. The medical Doctors, including pediatric neurologists, are stunned by it. The pharmaceutical and organized medicine cartels – must deny it. The philosophy is “if they cannot deny the message, then they will discredit the messenger.” This is simply how the system works.

16.) What prevents your discoveries from being accepted and taken into account?

This is something I need to publish, however, I put all my efforts towards putting my evidence before the United States federal Circuit courts as the only way to stop this out of control train wreck is to hold the system accountable in court – broadly, else there will be no dis-incentive to the firms that make vaccines for profit to stop making vaccines available.

18.) Have you encountered opposition, hassles, threats or obstacles to the publication of your work in the leading medical journals?

Yes I have. including pulls of my talks as early as 2005 amongst other “pre-emptive” tactics that can be discussed at a later time. For now the issue is on the health and wellness of our fellow beings, my battles are irrelevant.

(And why are there no toxicology experts on any decision making board or on any approval group at the CDC nor FDA)?

(Answer: They don't want to know, because they do know)!

The information is easily found, and still there.

How vaccines cause micro-vascular strokes, Dr. Andrew Moulden

Index for more videos.

Index for more Dr. Andrew Moulden videos. Find any doctor that can refute that, it has never been done!

Nothing is enough, for some people!

Some Men You Just Can't Reach!

Alias -Costner- Posting image used on the -Argus

Same statements and rhetoric used there in his posting on the Argus, and as they are also on the referred to above blog! Yet he denies that as well. No matter how many times I have referenced directly to his misleading attacking blog, he refuses to make reference to this one; wonder why! What does that tell you? Might make him look again - like he hasn't a clue; so he just goes on ignoring what is there.


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